What is yo-yo free styling entertainment?

Where can yo-yo free-styling shows be performed?

Can yo-yo freestyle workshops be given?

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What is Yo-yo free styling ?

The subject instrument, the yo-yo, goes back in time as far as the ancient Greece and as far away as the Northern India, which is enough evidence to suggest that humans have always enjoyed games and playing. Rumor also has it that yo-yo might have been used as a weapon in the Philippine civilization, but its primarily use has always been that of entertaining. It was developed and re-invented in the next centuries until it reached the shape and use we are familiar with today: two discs connect to an axle while a twine loops around it, which allows playing the yo-yo by holding the free end of the string and releasing the yo-yo. The string unwinds the yo-yo spins as gravity does its job and following the force of the throw, the yo-yo winds itself back to one’s hand.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that the yo-yo’s design was updated and the actual toy was put on the market. As early as 1932, England hosted the first world competition on yo-yo playing, the World Yo-Yo Contest, which was won by the Canadian Harvey Lowe.

Yo-yo freestyle entertainers are able to perform skills with one yo-yo, or sometimes more, which easily confuses the naked eye. Competitions also meant developing different techniques of freestyle yo-yo, such as: Single Hand String Trick, Two Hands Looping Trick, Two Hands String Trick, Offstring, Counterweight, Artistic Performance.

Are yo-yo free styling shows done by single stylers, or in a group?

Yo-yo freestyle shows can be performed by one, two or a group of yo-yo free-stylers.

Where can yo-yo free-styling shows be performed?

Yo-yo free-style is perfect for any live event, exhibition days, charity events, guerrilla marketing campaigns, street promotions, store openings, school demonstration days, road shows, stage shows, exhibitions, corporate events, product launches, shopping center events, music videos or TV shows.

Can yo-yo free-styling workshops be given at events?

There are plenty of tricks that can be learned with the yo-yo, combing fun and the magic of winding, unwinding and spinning the yo-yo. Workshops can therefore be fun at any kind of events.

What surfaces can yo-yo free-styling shows be performed on?

Yo-yo free-styling can be performed on any surface, indoors as well as outdoors.

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