360 Degree DANCE Video MAPPING Show for events

360 Projection Show

Do you know that this 360 degree dance video mapping show events is now trending?
How does a 360 degree video mapping so work?

For absolutely any type of event whether a staged event or any event that is located with a round setting such as a dinner gala 360-degree dance video mapping show for events is perfect. 

How does the projection mapping work?
Whether it be an individual dancer or a group of dancers the focal point is that the dancers are surrounded or dancing with in a digitally projected image. This digitally projected image is a storyline of whatever the event is relating to whether it be a brand launch event or a corporate company event. Any type of logo or message can be displayed and digitally animated along with the music and all of the show can be choreographed specifically and according to the type or theme of event.

What makes this unique to other projection mapping entertainment shows?
The visual effect of the entertainers being surrounded by the projection mapping totally overpowers and and signs way above any other projection mapping stage show. Performances can last from between 5 to 10 minutes and can be performed at indoor events or outdoor events. 


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