3D Projection Mapping Entertainment for Events

3D Projection Mapping Entertainment for Events is one of the coolest and most innovative ways to wow a crowd around, do you want to know why?

Do you want to have entertainment that uses technology to amaze the audience?

Below we have shown some of the best examples of 3D Projection Mapping Entertainment for Events to inspire you in your own shows!


What is 3D Projection Mapping Entertainment for Events?

3D Projection Mapping Entertainment for Events
3D Projection Mapping Entertainment for Events

Projection mapping involves using specialised software to project images onto backdrops and landscapes in order to create ingenious illusions. Since this technology came out event professionals have looked at ways to use it to put on a spectacular show for their audiences. 3D Projection Mapping has typically been used in stage performances with interaction from live performers in order to create a unique spectacle. Our post on 3D Projection Mapping Entertainment for Events highlights some of these creative uses that could inspire you in your show!


Top examples of 3D Projection Mapping Entertainment for Events

A Laser Projection Mapping show combines the innovation of projection mapping with awesome laser technology! Crowds will be amazed by the seamless way the entertainer wearing a specialised LED suit bends light to their will alongside projection mapped laser images in the background.

How about a Projection Mapping Dance Show for something truly extraordinary? A colourful and creative choreographed routine is performed by professional dancers alongside a programmed projection mapped display in order to make something magical! Take the best stage show you’ve seen, multiply it by a million and you get this!

A Projection Mapping Acrobatic Wall Show combines amazing acrobats with technological trickery in a way that will make you stare in disbelief! Aerial Acrobatic Professionals are suspended mid-air performing turns, flips and spins in front a beautifully designed backdrop that is brought to life through projection mapping.

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