Pool Table for Offices

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Are you looking for a Football Pool Table for Offices?

Do you want the office party to include one of most enjoyable sports activities around?

This post will show you just why a Football Pool Table for Offices is a must-have for 2018!


So just what is a Football Pool Table for Offices?

Football Pool consists of an AstroTurf Pool Table that is 4 metres by 3 metres in dimension built to resemble a regular pool table, but you can walk on it!

What is so great about a Football Pool Table for Offices?

The great thing about this awesome activity is that it’s fun for all ages! At different events everywhere we have seen both kids and adults alike lining up to have a turn! The type of events that have seen great success with a Football Pool Table have been: exhibitions, conferences, parties, outdoor events, corporate events, and office parties! What makes it so popular is that it’s competitive, challenging and fun all at the same time, and it combines two of the world’s most classic sports!

How do you play on a Football Pool Table for Offices?

Pool Table for Offices
Office Pool Tables-London

To play this fantastic footballing game you’ll need three things: a football pool table, some footballs, and finally some friends! Ideal for 2-4 but possibly more players it involves using your feet to kick the white football into the coloured footballs to get them into the pockets; it’s just like pool but played with your feet! Make your office party the envy of them all with this great activity!

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