5 Corporate Event Entertainment ideas for 2022

corporate event entertainment

What are 5 CORPORATE EVENT ENTERTAINMENT ideas for 2022?

How can the Event’s Industry be made more exciting this year?

What can be 5 corporate event entertainment ideas for 2022? The events industry has taken a great hit over the past two years during the pandemic. This is why, there needs to be a boost in terms of variety on offer for all types of event entertainment. Corporate companies often spend a lot of money when it comes to putting on an event. Streets United can provide worldwide, amazing entertainment for any type of event.

Sign spinning corporate event entertainment for 2022

Have you ever seen a sign spinner at work? You will be left in awe of their skills and abilities to spin a sign at such a speed that it may even make you dizzy. Sign spinner entertainers hold signs representing brands or marketing advertisements for companies. They catch the attention of many passers-by.

5 Corporate Event Entertainment ideas for 2022
Sign Spinning Artist

BMX Jump Show

This is one for the books! A BMX jump show is when performers do various tricks like backward somersaults and 360 degree turns whilst all on a BMX. These can be anything from simple to daredevil type tricks.

5 Corporate Event Entertainment ideas for 2022
BMX Artists

LED Container Show

You usually see containers on a building site, but this is a whole different ball game. An LED container show is full of light and action. Performers do acrobatic moves whilst dancing in time to music around the containers.

5 Corporate Event Entertainment ideas for 2022
LED Container Show

Laser Violin Show

A laser violin show is when an artist plays a tune on the violin whilst laser beams shine from the violin. These performances will have colour themed entertainment lazers or one colour theme, whatever suits your event best.

Graffiti Decoration Artist

A graffiti artist will make a canvas or wall at your corporate event stand out and look amazing. Attention grabbing is something that a GRAFFITI mural certainly produces especially when it is created for a marketing – advertising or promotional brand campaign.

Graffiti Artistry

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