CELEBRATION entertainment ideas

How can better CELEBRATION entertainment ideas be provided?

How can we celebrate special occasions?

There are so many different celebration entertainment ideas that you will never be lacking in entertainment. When people come together to celebrate, entertainment enhances the event whether it’s indoor or outdoor. In today’s world, celebration entertainment is a whole new level in terms of spectacle and technology. Everyone is always trying to outdo each other and this is where Streets United the best entertainment.

Dancing Drone Celebration Entertainment

I bet this is something you’ve never heard of, a dancing drone act. Drones are normally associated with racing or putting on a firework display. In this type of entertainment drones provide a completely unique experience. Drones basically dance with entertainers for example, an acrobatic performer is in the air whilst having a drone either right next to her or above her whilst performing. Drones make specific movements to music and put on an exceptional show together with the entertainer.

Celebration Contortionist Acts

If you’ve ever watched a contortionist act you will know what weird and wacky positions they can get into. This group of Acrobats perform together and can position themselves in the most awkward looking stances. This can be anything from a contortionist tower where all three are standing in different positions on top of each other and wrapping themselves around their own bodies. If you haven’t experienced the sight of a contortionist you may be slightly alarmed when you have, but the entertainment these artists put on is second to none.

celebration entertainment ideas

Unusual Celebratory Entertainment

If you wish to really wow your audience, these two celebration acts will definitely do the trick. We can provide a fire breathing duo act that can perform either indoors or outdoors and will definitely leave your guests literally hot under the collar. The other entertainment act is an LED cube balancing performer. He does acrobatic stunts whilst checking the cube in the air and catching it every time.

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