5 PARADE entertainment ideas for shopping malls

What 5 parade entertainment ideas for shopping malls do you think would surprise passers-by?

What kind of entertainment would make you stop in your tracks when you’re out on your shopping escapades?

At Streets United we can bring that missing bit of entertainment to your mall. We can offer 5 parade entertainment ideas for shopping malls which are listed below.

Types of Parade Entertainment

Street Parades

Street parade entertainers are great for shopping mall entertainment as they can walk the streets around the mall to attract people into the mall. They come in many different forms such as themed band members, mime acts and interactive street acrobats just to name a few.

Art-themed Entertainers

These artists have very unique characteristics about them in that their beautifully designed costumes are created from scratch. They can dress up in any theme you require and can usually attract an audience by their facial and body expressions.

Parade stilt walkers

Entertainers use a variety of stilts such as tall, short and bouncing ones so they can perform different moves. In some performances, extension stilts are worn to give the illusion of four legs which then allows the stilt walker to mimic the movements of different animals such as giraffes or horses.

Mirror costume parade entertainers

Our experienced mirror costume performers are a dazzling sight to see. The entertainers have many accessories in order to perform stunts and displays always creating a great photo opportunity for anyone watching.

Mirror Costume Parade Entertainers for Events

Violin parade entertainers

If you want professional music entertainers at the mall, these violin performers are the ones to have. They can entertain guests with any kind of musical genres such as pop, rock, and dance. Whatever your request, they can deliver!

Violin entertainers for shopping mall entertainment

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