Top 5 CORPORATE event entertainment IDEAS for 2021

Digital display magician

What would you say are the top 5 Corporate entertainment ideas for 2021?

How would you describe the advancement of technology in the 21st century?

Over the years technology has definitely improved and come a very long way from when it first began. At Streets United we can bring the highest tech element of entertainment to any type of corporate event. Below is a list of the top 5 corporate event entertainment ideas for 2021.

360 degree projection show

This one of a kind show illustrates the visual element of entertainment at its best. The show consists of the entertainers being surrounded by the projection mapping of specific images requested by the client.

Branded drone show

Branded Drone Shows are becoming a very popular entertainment piece, especially for the environment. These shows are the next generation of night-time entertainment and are great for any corporate event to showcase your company.

Laser shows

These are mesmerising laser light performances that can be performed at your corporate event that will leave your guests wanting more.

LED light jugglers

Juggling is usually a very hard task to perform, but when you throw LED lights into the mix you get a totally awe-inspiring sight. The performers can create magical patterns using LED lights in their shows.

Digital Magician

If you thought pulling a rabbit out of a hat was an awesome trick, pouring water into a glass on a screen is even more mesmerising. This is just one of the very many incredible tricks that a digital magician can perform.

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