5 tech Magic Entertainment ideas

What 5 tech Magic Entertainment ideas will make your next event stand out?

How can magic wow your audience in this day and age?

Streets United can provide 5 tech magic entertainment ideas for your next event. These days it clever, quick and more than likely has a tech element to it to enhance the ‘magical’ feel. We provide a variety of tech magic as entertainment as listed below.

I-pad magic show

Technology can help an i-pad magicians perform in a way that wows audiences. The magician can combine live magic with digital technology by using devices like smart phones, tablets, and projectors to create illusions that are hard for people to believe but easy for an audience member to understand because they have seen the same thing on their own device.

5 tech Magic Entertainment ideas
I-pad magic show

Projection mapping show

Projection mapping is one of the latest forms of entertainment thanks to its spectacular visuals and features. It is an art form that creates a 3D effect when projections are shown on an object. It can be used in a variety of ways, including as a live hi-tech stage show, in movie theaters or on public buildings.

Hoverboard LED dancers

The use of LED hoverboards on the stage is an innovative and playful way to promote many things such as companies, logos, events etc. The dancers can create any shape or design with their hoverboard tricks, which will catch the attention of all the attendees creating a lasting memory for everyone.

5 tech Magic Entertainment ideas
Hoverboard Dancers

LED Musicians

LED musicians are on the rise in the music industry. Many musical instruments can have LED lighting incorporated into the instrument in order to enhance the performance. For example, pianists can use LEDs to create a symphony of different colours that represent different emotions or moods within the music. Another is someone who plays guitar and creates chords by using LED lights in different colours that matches different chords in the song.

5 tech Magic Entertainment ideas
LED Violinist

LED Screen Event Entertainer Magician

All his tricks and animated performances are conducted through the LED projection screen. The magicians performs his magic skills whilst he’s standing on the stage in front of the huge LED screen or projector.

LED Screen Magician

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