STUNT shows for live concerts

STUNT shows for live concerts

What kind of STUNT shows for live concerts are on offer in entertainment?

How can stunt at events be a form of entertainment?

There are a variety of STUNT shows for live concerts that Streets United provide. These STUNT shows are live, in person, and broadcast to audiences all over the world. Stunts are performed as part of the concert or as an introductory or closing act. Either way, stuntmen/women enhance live concert performances.

Stunt Unicyclist

In the past few years, stunt unicycling has become a more popular sport than bike riding or motorbike riding because it is more challenging and exciting to watch. A stunt unicyclist can do everything that one can do on a bike. They can ride around, balance on the wheel, and jump over obstacles. They provide great entertainment for any live concert.

Unicycle Stunt Artist

BMX Stunt Performer

BMX stunt performers can do a lot of impressive tricks and stunts. They do flips, jumps, and other moves that are designed to be visually captivating. When performing at live concerts they need their own specially designed track that allows them to perform their dare-devil tricks to the best of their abilities.

STUNT shows for live concerts
Wheel of fire BMX stunt performer

Acrobatic Stunt Performers

Acrobatic stunt performers are entertainers who have enough flexibility to perform stunts in the air without any safety net. This is why their job often places them in dangerous situations where they have to be quick on their feet and think creatively about how they will complete each performance safely while still making it look graceful and amazing.

STUNT shows for live concerts
Parkour stunt artist in action

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