Stunt drivers for Electric CAR launch shows

Stunt drivers for Electric CAR launch shows

What are the best stunt drivers for electric car launch shows?

How are electric car launch shows done these days?

We all know that the launch of a car is a big deal in the motor industry. Stunt drivers for electric car launch shows have big shoes to fill when it comes to entertaining guests. Stunt drivers are known to show off their skills of car driving and rightly so as there is a lot of skill involved. The great thing about launching electric cars in this day and age is that it is more eco-friendly and doesn’t waste petrol when performing a stunt.

Electric car launch shows

The launch of an electric car can sometimes be more demanding then a normal car as a lot of preparation is involved. For instance, if the car isn’t charged, that’s one embarrassment you’ll have at your launch. A non-working electric car, not a good first impression! When stunt drivers are involved, they will know how to handle the particular car and know what stunts can be carried out.

Popular car stunts

There are many car stunt tricks to perform at car shows. At Streets United we take into consideration what the client requires. The ones that get requested a lot is the rodeo car stunt. This is where the driver kneels on top of the car with one hand on the steering wheel whilst rotating. Another one is the high-speed parallel parking. This is when the car being launch is driven at a high speed and carefully parked between 2 cars that are parallel parked. You have to see it to believe it!

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