ENTERTAINMENT ideas for Electric CAR launch


What kind of ENTERTAINMENT ideas for Electric CAR launch are out there?

How can car launches give the wow factor to potential customers?

Streets United can provide the best entertainment ideas for electric car launch. We are living in the days of technology which is always progressing. When it comes to electric cars we expect to see high end products and this goes hand in hand with professional entertainment to promote the car. When you think of electric cars you think slick, nice looking and economical. This goes hand in hand with what Streets United can offer you in the form of entertainment for your car launch.

Laser Entertainment Show for Electric Car Launch

If you are after the magical element of entertainment at your event, then this laser show entertainment will certainly light up the venue. You will be surrounded by a spectacular display of creativity and colours projected from the laser lights as well as from the LED costumes worn by these professionals.

Pogo sticks jumpers… stunt acrobats…

There is a variety of talent out there. This is why Streets United can guide you on which entertainment act to choose. If you’re after the wow factor then we highly recommend having pogo sticks jumpers and acrobatic stunt men at your next car launch. The men or women on pogo sticks jump up and down whilst keeping their balance. They then hurl themselves over the vehicles for entertainment. All acrobatic stunt men can perform many different tricks whilst promoting the car. This can be anything from somersaulting over the car or just doing a few flips beside the car. Whatever your preference we will cater towards this.

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