Entertainment for my wedding

Entertainment for my wedding

What kind of entertainment for my wedding can I get from an events agency?

How will entertainment enhance my wedding?

We all know that wedding planning can be such a big stress to a lot of couples. Streets United can come to your rescue! We can provide any type of entertainment for any type of occasion including wedding entertainment. Whether it’s a themed wedding or a more traditional wedding, we can help to make it very special. We cater for weddings all over the world.

Creativity at your wedding

This type of unique artistry is called silhouette cutting. This is done when the artist looks at the outline of the person that they are doing the silhouette cutting of and follow all the curves and lines that compile the outline of the person. You can have your cut out portrait done in the space of a few minutes.

Entertainment at my wedding
Silhouette art

Let your guests have a kick-about

This will interest your more sporty guests at your wedding. They will have the chance to have a kick-about on a pool football table. This is basically giant size pool table balls being kicked around trying to score in one of the holes. It can get competitive, so make sure guests aren’t carrying any drinks around the table.

Wedding Acrobats

These professional entertainers perform various tricks around the wedding reception. They can do somersaults over full trays of drinks, balance on one hand or do head spins on the dancefloor to get your guests hyped up.

Entertainment for my wedding
Dancing waiters at he wedding

Let’s get digital

This is another form of artistry that will keep your guests amused. This is digital portrait drawing. The artist uses a tablet to draw detailed portraits of guests and they have the option of a cartoon or real look-alike drawing.

Wedding entertainment
Digital i-pad artist

If you have any further questions or requests regarding entertainment for my wedding then please contact Streets United using the details below.

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