Environmentally friendly LIVE entertainment ideas

Environmentally friendly LIVE entertainment ideas

What kind of environmentally friendly live entertainment ideas are provided to have an event?

How can events be made more environmentally friendly?

Going green is definitely the way forward in the world we live in today. This is why Streets United offer environmentally friendly and live entertainment for your events. In terms of using environmentally friendly instruments or products, we try to do our part. Below are a few examples of environmentally friendly entertainment that we can provide.

Live Band Instruments

We understand that sound pollution cannot be prevented at many events as most rely on sound. This is why some of our bands use environmentally friendly instruments in order to how help where they can. These bands include instruments made from bamboo stalks used to play flute like instruments. Another music making environmentally friendly instrument is bottle pipes. This emits sound by someone blowing into the bottle neck tops and making tunes from it.

Recycling Artwork

Another form of environmentally friendly entertainment is having sculptures making using car hub caps. Some incredible creativity  can be seen in these sculptures solely using hub caps off of cars. The creative artist behind these eye catching animals and objects has dedicated his time and love for creativeness to produce some of the most amazing hub cap sculptures. How’s that for recycling?! Hub cap sculptures are popular for a variety of events and occasions. These include car launches, vehicle promotions, marketing events, car exhibitions and events. This is truly a unique bit of entertainment for anyone who’s new to environmentally friendly art.

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