Creative building entrance ARTWORK

1) Creative building entrance ARTWORK

What kind of creative building entrance artwork is available to hire?

How can art become even more appealing for shop openings?

When it comes to creative building entrance artwork, Streets United are your go to agency! We can provide artwork to suit your event whether it is small or big. We can also adapt colours to suit your building entrance and make you stand out from the crowd. Artwork comes in all different forms such as paintings, sculptures and even recently balloon art has become very popular.

3D Floating Artwork

This will be a perfect building entrance feature that will attract many customers. 3D artwork takes creative drawing and painting to a whole new level.

The artwork can be placed on either side of a building entrance and bring the entrance alive as the artwork ‘pops’ out at you. Floating artwork can be in the form of a logo, objects such as buildings or cars or even writing.

Horse 3D Artwork

Plant Sculpting Artwork

This type of artwork would be very handy at the entrance of a garden and home centre. The artists who create these stunning art pieces are extremely talented and creative. The sculptures can be anything from a figure of a branded logo with a wire frame and plants or flowers intertwined around it to form an interesting object.

Car grass sculpture

Hub Cap Artwork

Now this form of artwork will definitely capture the attention of car enthusiasts or someone who simply loves art to showcase their business. Hub caps are stripped from old cars and refurbished to create master pieces such as animals, objects and in some cases famous landmarks or buildings.

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