60th BIRTHDAY party event entertainment ideas

LASER Violinist Spectacular

How can you make your 60th birthday party event entertainment ideas more appealing?

What are some of the greatest birthday party event entertainment ideas you’ve seen?

Long gone are the days when turning 60 was a disappointment. Turning 60 these days is like turning 50. Most 60 year olds are very fit and healthy and this is why they want to celebrate their milestone birthday in style. They don’t just want an ordinary musical band to play at their party, they are after something more unique and entertaining. This is where Streets United come into play as we cater for any birthday or celebratory entertainment needs.

What’s on offer for a 60 year old?

How does a laser violinist sound to you? This entertainment act works best at night or in a dark room. The performer will certainly dazzle your guests at your 60th birthday party. The professional violin artist takes a normal violin show and creates something very unique and the violin laser show that the artist performs is visually incredible. The violinist can be accompanied by another LED light show. This can be an LED drumming crew or an LED dress singer or harpist. This really enhances the overall performance and brings some incredible lighting to you party.

If you love bottles or you love drinking from bottles this type of entertainment act will be a perfect fit for your party. These are musical bottle entertainers who blow into glass bottles filled with water to produce various sounds, pop songs and music for various types of audiences and at any type of event.

The above is just a handful of entertainment that Streets United can provide. Should you have any further questions or requests regarding 60th birthday party event entertainment ideas, please contact Streets United using the details below.

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