Balloon decorations for AWARD ceremony EVENTS

What would balloon decorations for awards ceremony events look like?

How can you make an award ceremony look more glamorous?

If you’re struggling to think of how to decorate your next big award ceremony, then don’t stress anymore! At Streets United we can provide you with artistic balloon decorations for award ceremony events.

Balloon Display Options

If you’ve never seen balloon creations before then this will be the best decorating option for you. Balloon decorations are not just about putting a bunch of balloons together and tying them with a ribbon, they can be much more visually appealing than this. Some balloon display options can come in the form of a huge balloon wall incorporating different sized balloons and different colours according to the award ceremony needs. Some popular balloon displays include balloon arches on the award ceremony stage as well as balloon columns topped with stars or award trophies mostly done in black and gold or silver.

Table decorations

Flowers are a common option full centrepiece table displays at events or award ceremonies. At Streets United, we like to push the boat out a bit further than usual event companies. When it comes to decorating for an awards ceremony, we will stand high above the rest. We provide artistic balloon specialists who can create stunning balloon centrepieces for your award ceremony event. These decorations can be in the form of a gift box with flowers or other gifts inside or topped with a simple balloon or a cluster of small balloons topped with a larger more decorative balloon.

Balloon decorations for AWARD ceremony EVENTS
Award ceremony balloon display

The above is just a handful of balloon decoration ideas that Streets United can provide. Should you have any further questions or requests regarding balloon decorations for award ceremony events, please contact Streets United using the details below.

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