7 AMAZING Private Events Entertainment Ideas

Are you hosting a Private Event?

Are you looking for the best possible entertainment ideas so that you can give your guests an event to remember? You’re in luck because we have solved your problems!

Below you’ll find 7 AMAZING Private Events Entertainment Ideas which will turn an ordinary event into one people will be talking about for ages!


Illuminated Water Flyboard Stunt Show

Are you hosting a Private Event by the water? A Water Flyboard Stunt Show is the perfect way to wow your guests in ways they’ve never seen before!

Trained professionals will perform outrageous gravity-defying stunts while they surge above the water in specially illuminated gear. This awesome aquatic feat flies into our list of 7 AMAZING Private Events Entertainment Ideas!


IPad Magic for Private Events

Magic has come to the digital age with ingenious illusionists using incredible image trickery on iPads and tablets.

The same old tricks that have been used by magicians for ages are far too common at private events so why not shock and awe your guests with something fresh and new? Waving their magic devices has gotten the iPad magicians into this list of 7 AMAZING Private Events Entertainment Ideas!


LED Light Dance Show

Dancing in the dark isn’t just a Bruce Springsteen song but a fantastic way to entertain your guests at any private event! A team of professional dancers with specially illuminated costumes creates an enormously entertaining LED Light Show which is as much about what your guests will see as what they won’t see!

This crazy colourful choreography is one of the strongest entries of the 7 AMAZING Private Events Entertainment Ideas!


Michael Jackson Show for Private Events

The King of Pop is alive and well in the form of some fantastic Michael Jackson impersonators and dancers. You’ll feel like you’re watching the man himself with the way these professional performers bring him back to life in the form of moves, mannerisms and music!

A performance so good you won’t be able to Beat It has this idea moonwalking its way right into the list of 7 AMAZING Private Events Entertainment Ideas.


Paint Drummers for Private Events

Light up the party with this innovative mixture of colour and music! Specially lit drums with different colours and water are beaten by a professional drummer giving the effect of coloured paint flying around to the music.

Your guests will be seeing sound with every beat of the drum and will be given a private event to remember!


Samba Brazilian Dancers for Private Events


Does your private event need some energy? What about some colour? Then why not look to the amazing talents of Samba Brazilian Dancers?

Bring the exotic touch of the Carnival of Brazil to the party and Samba all night!


Speed Painter for Private Events

Last but certainly not least of on our list of 7 AMAZING Private Events Entertainment Ideas is Speed Painting! If you have a private event and you want to add that personalised and customised touch why not request one of our professional speed painters to create some artwork in record time?

They say that aren’t can’t be rushed but these speed painters will have you thinking otherwise once you see what they can do!

Should you require any further details on the above acts, their technical requirements or details of their act please don’t hesitate to connect with us.

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