How MUCH is CORPORATE Events Entertainment in London?

Aerial Acrobats - Corporate Events London


When putting together a spectacular corporate event in London you need to think about your budget, how much does it really cost to put on an event that your guests will remember?

In this post we will list some of the things that affect events entertainment pricing and give examples of acts and how much they cost.


What Affects How MUCH Corporate Events Entertainment in London is?

Violin laser entertainment
Violin laser entertainment
  • The experience of the artist can change exactly how much is corporate events entertainment in London. Whilst all artists will deliver an expected service you might expect some extra special surprises from those who have been around longer or perhaps trained at a higher standard.


  • The amount of equipment required can also affect how much is corporate events entertainment in London. Some performers require more equipment than others or indeed specialised equipment.


  • The type of event will affect how much is corporate events entertainment in London. Is it a small and intimate venue or is it a large corporate event?


So Just How MUCH is Corporate Events Entertainment in London and What Services Are There?

LOW TIER OPTION – Affordable Entertainment With Style

LED Light Jugglers are a fun way to bring a new element to traditional juggling. Prices for LED Light Jugglers can vary but will usually costs around £250 per person. It’s important to consider how many you’d require in line with your event size!

MID TIER OPTION – Meets You in the Middle

An Arial Acrobatic Show will have your guests mesmerised by the amazing abilities of our acrobats as they perform unbelievable feats of athleticism! But how much are they? A large banquet or hall space is usually required for an Arial Acrobatic Show so consider the space and you’ll be please to know these experts can be hired from just £550 per person!

TOP TIER OPTION – Really Put on a Show

Want to have some spectacular entertainment at your corporate event in London? A Laser Violinist combines exceptional music with extraordinary visuals by performing on a platforming programmed to light up the room with an amazing light show. When considering how much a Laser Violinist will cost you, you must realise that this is premium entertainment in London and a performer will cost you £2000 per person.


Should you require any further details on the above acts, their technical requirements or details of their act please don’t hesitate to connect with us.

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