Top 5 SUMMER Entertainment Ideas for Events

BMX Stunt Jumpers

Are you looking to put on an event this summer?

Do you want your entertainment to leave guests smiling in the shining sun?

We have put together a list of the Top 5 SUMMER Entertainment Ideas for Events that will mean you can put on the coolest event at the hottest time of the year!


Giant Waterslide for Outdoor Events

Do you want fun for all ages at your summer event? Then prepare to get slippery with a giant waterslide! This wet and wonderful activity will have your guests screaming with joy as they shoot past their surroundings!

This is ideal for festivals, private outdoor events and promotional events which means it easily slides into the Top 5 SUMMER Entertainment Ideas for Events list!


BMX Ramp Show for Sporting Events and Festivals

Setting up and event this summer and need some spectacular sporting entertainment? Professional BMX riders can bring some high intensity excitement to your event with a BMX Ramp Show.

There’s no way these radical riders were missing out on a place in our Top 5 SUMMER Entertainment Ideas for Events list!


Frisbee Tricksters for Beach Themed Parties and Community Festivals


Beach themed parties have become really popular summer events allowing people to transport that ‘sun, sand and sea’ feeling almost anywhere. Frisbee Tricksters can really add another ‘fun in the sun’ element to your event by taking an ordinary outdoor activity and turning it into something special.

You’ll be amazed at what these professionals can do which is why they fly into our Top 5 SUMMER Entertainment Ideas for Events list!

Flyboard Show for Waterfront Events

Soar into the future this summer with an acrobatic aquatic piece of entertainment that you’ll never forget. A Flyboard Show combines skill and technology with professional riders on powerful waterjet propelled flying boards performing dazzling feats!

If you’re having an event by the water you’d be crazy not to have a Flyboard Show!


Bar Flair Artists for Summer Events

When hosting a summer event why not have something that will not only quench actual thirst but also quench the thirst for entertainment?

Flair artists are great to have at festivals, private events and promotional events, and make them a must have on our list of Top 5 SUMMER Entertainment Ideas for Events.

Should you require any further details on the above acts, their technical requirements or details of their act please don’t hesitate to connect with us.

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