Amazing ENTERTAINMENT concepts for events 2022

Extreme water entertainment for events

What kind of amazing entertainment concepts for events 2022 would appeal to a big audience?

What’s on offer in the entertainment world for amazing concept ideas?

The answer to both questions is very simple! Streets United has a pool full of talent and can provide a variety of amazing entertainment concepts for events 2022. Entertainment comes in many different styles and forms and can provide excellent performers for your events.

Drone racing

Over the years, drone racing has become very popular especially with large events. The fun element is when everyone gets together and flies the drones around racecourse’s specifically catered to that event. Competition gets fierce as everyone wants to be the winner.

Light shows

Entertainment involves a lot of action, but with Streets United there are plenty of light shows that will add to all the action. From fitness skipping light shows which are fun and interactive to LED logo branding performances that show off your company’s logo in any colour or format you wish to use.

Extreme entertainment

Are you a daredevil at heart? How extreme are you willing to go when it comes to providing entertainment for your event? You will certainly be sitting on the edge of your seat when watching some of these artists in action. Performances can involve motorbike stunt men/women doing somersaults over a line of cars. The bow and arrow show is definitely one to see. This is where a contortionist holds a move whilst upside down and shoots a bow and arrow using just her legs. You have to see it to believe it!

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