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UK Football Freestyler – (AND)

Are you looking for a UK football freestyler? Why hire this UK freestyle footballer? – He [...]

Urban Sports Show for FORD – London

As part of the recent UEFA Festival held at the Olympic Park in London, FORD set [...]

Basketball Freestylers – Westfield Renault Promotion in London

Lots of entertainment at Westfield, London, for the Shepherd’s Bush Renault Captur Promotion! Beside the [...]

Urban Orchestra Show – Eurovision Song Contest

At the 2013 Eurivision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden, in the second semi-final, the Urban [...]

Beatboxers STAGE TAKE OVER – Performing in London

Europe’s top beatboxers created a HUGE buzz on stage at the F3 World Freestyle Football [...]

Breakdancers in London perform at – UEFA FESTIVAL

Some of London’s and Europe’s most experienced and well known  break dancers put together a [...]


At a recent promo video shoot in London directed by the guys from @GrayScaleProd  some of London’s [...]

Basketball Freestylers & Breakdancers perform in DUBAI

Check out some freestyle action from some recent shows performed by basketball and football freestylers [...]

Spanish Football Freestylers Entertain in Qatar

Football freestyle is the best thing for an eye-catching event: here are some pictures from [...]

£100k Raised at Events For Namuwongo Fundraiser – Football Freestylers Show

Fundraisers are so much more entertaining if you creatively involve artists or entertainers to make [...]

Interactive Street Art

For Brad Downey, American artist living in Berlin, the immediate environment is an artist’s playground. [...]

Skateborder in new Nike commercial

Nike is renowned for its fostering of street sports and entertainment and here it goes [...]

“World Record Football Freestyler in the UK (DC)”

Have you ever met a freestyle football world record holder? Looking for the perfect football [...]

“Freestyle Football Trickster – London – UK – Europe”

Are you searching for a football trickster in London – UK – Europe? Looking for the [...]

Samsung get Football Freestylers to Activate in London

  Stations all around the world are the perfect pitch to surprise a huge amount [...]

Football Freestyle Tricksters in the UK

Are you searching for a football trickster in Bristol, UK or Europe? Are you looking for [...]

Urban Street Entertainment for Branded Events

Are you looking for the perfect entertainment for your branded event? Do you know what [...]

Urban Street Entertainment for Community Events

Are you looking for the perfect entertainment for your community event? Do you know what [...]