BMX Freestyle Entertainer

Looking for a BMX Freestyle artist performer?

Might a BMX freestyler be needed for a photoshoot , event entertainment of even to be in a movie as a stun double?

Can anyone learn to do BMX tricks in BMX freestyle workshops?

BMX Flatland Entertainers

Where BMX freestylers have featured

Here are just some examples of where professional and amateur BMX freestylers have featured in:

– Live events
– Festival stage shows
– Theme Parks
– Magazine articles
– Short & full length films
– Block buster movies
– PR Street stunts
– Formula 1 & motorshow events
– Advertising and marketing campaigns
– Fashion shows

– Modelling photo shoots

For more information or advice on of BMX freestyle artists please contact:

Streets United
T: (+44) 208 133 0249

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