Woman Football Freestyler

Entertaining female footballer

Are you looking for a female entertainer for your event?

Could a football freestyler wow people attending your corporate event?

Could simple tricks or interactive workshops be given to people attending the event as part of the entertainment?

Hopefully answers to the questions above can be found in the article below and can help you to decide if a
woman / female football freestyler could be ideal for your next function or event.

Entertaining female footballer
Entertaining female footballer

About this female football freestyler

– Ranked top 5 in the world
– Performed for various brands such as Red Bull, Heineken, Robinsons, Nickelodeon, Conino Lamborghini, Fifa, Audi and SKY just to name a few
– She has stunt doubled a handfull of actresses
– Performed at F1 events worldwide
– She also coaches and inspires young girls who love football during and after her performances

Technical Requirements

Minimum space of: 2m(L) x 2m(W) x 2,5m(H)
Flooring: A flat, non-slippery surface.
Music: A sound system to play any show music, if music is allowed.
Equipment: She will supply her own footballs or soccer balls

Football-Freestyle – workshops or lessons

Workshops can always be apart of the entertainment. After the football freestyle show she can interact with and teach children or adults a few basic football freestyle tricks that they can pick up in minutes.




Looking for a woman football freestyler any where else in the World?

There are world class talented female football freestylers that are based in Brazil, USA, Poland, France, Hungary, Italy, United Kingdom and Portugal.
Whether you are looking for a world record holder, a football trickster for a school workshop or simply someone that can do a few simple tricks local to a city or town just ask us:

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