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What type of entertainers shall we get this year for the Christmas Party?

We have an event in the UK and don’t know what entertainment to get?

Can the Christmas entertainers involve or interact with guests at our event?

These are just a few questions many people are faced with when it comes to the organising an end of the year event. We hope this bit of information below can help you in finding the perfect entertainment for your Christmas Event or end of year staff party.



What Entertainment to choose?……………… here are 3 types to think about

Walk About & Interactive Entertainment:
This all depends on the whether you wanted walked about welcoming and interactive entertainment that performs short stints of entertainment whilst guests are arriving at the Christmas event or whilst guests are mingling about after dinner or before the dance floor opens.

Stage Or Dance Floor Entertainment:
Alternatively if your attending audience is not the mingling type  and would prefer to be seated and watch a line up of WOW factor entertainment. A suggestion would be a duo, trio or a group act performance whether it be a music act or a lively dance act.

Workshops & Audience Involvement:
Everyone loves it when a senior manager or a CEO is involved in showing off his of her dance skills or is humiliated by a pickpocket entertainer. Better more when everyone else can get to try out a few simple skills like doing a few street dance moves, creating a piece of graffiti artwork on a t-shirt or “our favourite” learning to spin a basket ball or football on 1 finger.

Christmas Event Entertainment UK Wide locations: 

Streets United can supply any event in any city of the UK with Christmas themed entertainment including the following cities – London, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcaslte, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff,  & Leeds 



Its always advisable to hire professional entertainers that hold public liability insurance or from an agency that holds public liability insurance for their artists , acts or entertainers. This is incase anything were to happen to any person or equipment that was at the venue on the christmas event day.
It is also to insure that if anything were to happen to the artist or group performing they have themselves covered and you or the venue would not have to cover any incident that happens to be the fault of any artist or act.


Father Christmas-Santa Dancer
Father Christmas-Santa Dancer

We hope that this advice has been useful to you and should you require any other help in choosing your Christmas Event entertainment then please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Streets United
t: +44 208 1330249

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