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BMX Flatland Entertainers

Looking for a BMX Freestyle artist performer?

Might a BMX rider be needed for a photoshoot , event entertainment of even to be in a movie as a stun double?

Can anyone learn to do BMX tricks in BMX flatland workshops?

BMX Freestyler for events
BMX Freestyler for events

The main types of BMX entertainment is BMX flatlanding/freestyle, BMX street riding and jump ramp or half pipe BMX displays.

BMX Flatland / Freestyle Entertainment

BMX flatlanding is known as one of the most entertaining BMX art forms. Flatland is when a BMX rider performs a series of tricks often involving 1 & 2 wheel balances, flips, spins and jump manoeuvres. BMX flatland / freestyleperformers do not need any additional props to put on a show, only their bike, a flat non-slippery surface.


Technical Requirements

Minimum Space required: 6m(W) x 6m(L) x 3m(H)
Freestyle Show lengths:
 A usually individual show length for a BMX freestyle/flatland artist is 5-6mins
A smooth flat, dry, non-slippery surface is what BMX freestylers can perform the best tricks on
A BMX freestyle artist usually performs his tricks to some background music

Where BMX freestylers / flatlanders have featured

Here are just some examples of where professional and amateur BMX freestylers / flatlanders have featured in:

– Live events
Festival stage shows
– Theme Parks
Magazine articles
– Short & full length films
– Block buster movies
PR Street stunts
– Formula 1 & motorshow events
– Advertising and marketing campaigns
Fashion shows

– Modelling photo shoots


Where in the world are there BMX rides

BMX freestylers / flatlander artists or entertainers can be found world wide such- In EUROPE – Germany, United Kingdom, France, Holland, Switzerland; ASIA – Malaysia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong; AUSTRALIA; MIDDLE EAST: UAE-Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar
South Africa, Kenya, Algeria, Egypt

USA – in all states
SOUTH AMERICA – Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela

For more information or advice on of BMX flatlanding / freestyle artists please contact:

Streets United
T: (+44) 208 133 0249


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