Celebrity Look-a-like Entertainers for EVENTS

Would you like celebrity look-a-like entertainers for events to get your audience star-struck?

If you had to choose which celebrity, you’d like to see at an event who would it be?

We all know if we spot a celebrity somewhere, we get a bit star-struck especially when it’s someone we admire and follow. Celebrities are very busy people and can’t always attend all events. This is the reason why Street United can help you by providing celebrity look-a-like entertainers for events for all types of occasions.

Event Type

If required, you can have as many celebrity look-a-like’s work together at the same time. It all depends on your preference and how many heads you’re planning on turning at your event. These entertainers usually do between 20 to 40-minute walkabout sessions where the audience can interact and take photos with them.

What are some of the look-a-like’s available?

For sporting options, some of the more popular celebrity look-a-like choices have been David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. Other options have been actors such as Will Smith, Mr T and Orlando Bloom. These celebrity look-a-like’s get into character and play their part well when it comes to entertaining guests at your event.

Event Location

We can provide a variety of celebrity Look-a-like for EVENTS anywhere in the world to attend your event. If you require these professional entertainers for private, corporate or any social event then you will have to give us plenty of notice as they do get booked up fast. You don’t want to disappoint your audience and miss out on providing star-studded entertainers at your next event!

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