Turkish Fireworks Dervish Dance Entertainers for Events

What exactly do Turkish Fireworks Dervish dance entertainers for events do?

Want to get that extra sparkle at your event?

Have you been to Turkey before? If the answer is yes, then you may have seen Turkish Dervish Dancers before. If no, then you won’t know that these dancers are a classic image of Turkey. They are entertainers who whirl their way around a stage or audience to put on a spectacular show. They wear long white robes with full skirts and are steered by rhythmic breathing. Their robes rise and fall at the same time creating the ‘whirling’ effect when turning around.

Turkish Fireworks Dervish Dance Entertainment for Events

Streets United now have entertainers that take it to another level. This other level is providing Turkish fireworks Dervish Dance entertainers for events. These entertainers will definitely be the talk of your event!

Spectacular Dance Entertainment for Special Events

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Turkish fireworks Dervish dancers add that extra flare when performing. They can perform in groups as well as solo. Their entertainment consists of dancers performing the Dervish dance whilst either holding firework flares and spinning or having the fireworks installed in their skirts or both at once. As you can imagine this is a sight not to be missed as it displays electric entertainment combing both these professional Dervish dancers as well as the flare from the fireworks.

Turkish Fireworks Dervish Dancers for Events

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These Dervish firework dancers have performed in various cities and countries around the world. If you would like to have them at your next event to provide spectacular entertainment, then please get in touch.

Should you have any further questions or requests regarding these Turkish Fireworks Dervish dance entertainers for events then please contact Streets United using the details below.

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