Drone Racing Entertainment for Events

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have Drone Racing Entertainment for Events?

Why not make it a reality by inviting our Drone RacingEntertainment team to set up a course during your event?



Entertaining, fun and engaging are the buzzwords for top corporate and social events these days. Whether it is trying to impress your clients and win new ones or get your company’s employees working together as a team you want to have an event that everybody will enjoy and remember for a long time. Well, here comes the drone racing entertainment. It is easy to setup and a lot of fun to participate in. Drone Racing Entertainment for Events will deliver high level of fun and excitement.

Course Set Up

Drone Racing Entertainment for Events does all the work. The course is set up by our professional staff. We will provide you with initial outline and are flexible to adjust the course set up as per your specifications as long as everything is within our safety standards. Our fleet of drones consists of multiple models but Tiny Whoops are the most fun for the users to enjoy and experience. Each individual player is provided with their own drone and a monitor. And in case of the Tiny Whoop it is a small lightweight flying aircraft designed with safety in mind. The small brushed motors spin lightweight propellers with so little torque that a fingertip will stop them with no damage. The course setup is done in a way where individual participation is available and at the same time team players can enjoy the course as well.


Having your own drone and flying it around is a lot of fun but why not make it even more fun by setting up a drone racing competition? Want to boost your company’s morale or get your client’s competitive juices flowing then drone racing competition should be on top of your agenda for any of your events. Drone Racing Entertainment for Events does all the work so you can do all the racing. With safety standards always being our top priority we set up the course, explain how the drones are flown and show the players what the goal of the competition is. Get your team members cheering while following the racing action on the monitors. Racing the drones is a lot fun BUT winning the competition among your friends and co-workers is the ULTIMATE PRIZE. Start your engine you say? No. Start your drones and be ready to race.


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