Drone VS Man BREAKDANCE Entertainment Show

Drone Dance Entertainers

Are you looking for a spectacular Drone vs Man breakdance entertainment show for your event? 
Would you like to see a drone dancing against a human show live on stage?

This carefully choreographed and created drone vs Man show is absolutely one of a kind and has stunned audiences worldwide with their spectacular moves and choreography. When a talented breakdancing entertainer takes on a challenge of dancing against 20 drones, the drone vs human battle begins.

The music is choreographed ever so carefully to the dance moves of the breakdancer who displays some incredible acrobatic and breakdance moves.

When you watch the choreographed drone vs man breakdance show carefully you will see that there is some incredible interaction between the drones that are being controlled remotely and the dancer that is performing just below the drones. 

Types of Events

This highly technologically advanced drone vs man breakdance entertainment show has been the perfect entertainment spectacular at tech events, technology related exhibitions, corporate company events and live product launch events.

This drone vs man breakdance performance can be performed with fewer or more drones and is preferably performed indoors as performing the show outdoors could have some interference with the outdoor wind elements.

This drone vs man breakdance show usually lasts between 5 and 10 minutes all depending upon the type of audience and the type of event.

Specifically Coordinated and Designed Shows

If a particular show needs to be performed in a specific way for example the drones flying around a certain object or item with the dancer interacting not only with the drones but also with a product, object or item. This can all be arranged and choreographed accordingly.

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