ELECTRIC Stunt car driver specialist

ELECTRIC Stunt car driver specialist

Can an electric stunt car driver specialist perform at my next event?

How do electric stunt drivers provide entertainment?

Normal stunt driving can be a great risk, but when it comes to an electric stunt car driver specialist we have them too! At Streets United we’re all about providing the best entertainment to suit our clients’ event needs.

Stunt car drivers are mainly used for movie sets or in other circumstances too. The purpose of a stand car driver is to perform stunts in cars that nobody else would want to. As electric cars and now becoming more economically friendly, there is a greater need for electric stunt car drivers.

What is involved?

A professional stunt driver gets behind the wheel and performs different mind blowing tricks inside or outside. Some of the outrageous stunts performed include turning the car onto its side so it balances on two wheels while still moving. The pure skill and precision of the driver has to be on point as there are no rooms for error. The driver has to be in full uniform in his car racing gear as well as have a solid helmet on his head in case of any accidents.

Stunt Driving

The stunt car driver does not necessarily have to be inside the car whilst performing his or her tricks. They can be standing on top of the vehicle whilst it goes round in circles and they can control it with just one hand whilst outside the vehicle. You definitely have to see this to believe this show.

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