Entertainers for EURO Football Championships

Do you want to wow your guests with entertainers for Euro Football Championships?

Are you hosting a EURO event?

Your guests will be impressed with these two entertainers for Euro championship events! These guys can put on an incredible show with synchronised football tricks that can really capture an audience. Their stunts are much better and diverse than those of most famous football players, so they might turn out to be the highlight of your event.

Performers for EURO Football Championships

Performance Type

These entertainers for Euro Football championships can perform for audiences of all sizes. Their tricks are varied, and you will see them balance the footballs on their heads, throw them up in the air with their backs, juggling them and much more! The performance is enhanced by one key factor: music. This extra element surely brings your event to life and will have all your guests clapping along to their tricks! The standard show will last from five to fifteen minutes which will certainly be enough time to mesmerise your crowd. If you want to take the experience further, interactive workshops can also be given. It will be the opportunity of a lifetime for kids and adults alike!

Live Entertainers for EURO Football Championship Events
Football Tricks for EUROs

Location of the Show

The entertainers for Euro Football championship events are very flexible when it comes to the location of their show and can perform on a stage, pitch or on a walkabout. However, they require a minimum space of 5m x 5m to perform all of their tricks. So whether you host your event in a stadium, a theatre, a school or even at your house, as long as you have enough space you can watch this incredible show!

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