Extreme JET SKI powered Flyboard Water Show

Flyboard Water Entertainment Show
Looking for waters sport entertainment?
 What Extreme Jet Ski powered Flyboard Water Show can be done on water?
Jet propelled FLYBOARD is the solution!
Extreme sommersaults and men flying 12m above water are just some of the reasons to book this water show!!
About the Flyboard Water Entertainment Shows

– A 1 man, 5 man or up to 20 man water show can be performed by professional extreme flyboard artists. 
There are 2 variations of the FLYBOARD water show:
– The Daytime Flyboard Demo water show
– The Night time LED body suit water show

The Daytime Flyboard Demo Show
– Can be performed with  3 to 20 flyboard artists and can either be done to music or running commentary.
Water Enertainment Show
Water Enertainment Show
The Nightime Flyboard LED light body suit show
– Can be performed with 3 to 20 flyboard artists in LED light body suites. The show has a background water screen which creates more of an atmosphere at night.
– The show is usually done to music.
–  A 12m(H) x 20m(W) water screen where lasers and images can be projected upon in the background of where the flyboard stunt artists will be performing. This water screen gives the show that extra WOW entertainment factor.
Night - LED Illuminated suite Water Entertainment Show
Night – LED Illuminated suite Water Entertainment Show
Where can flyboard water shows be performed?

– In any water body with minimum 1.5m deep water (high flying tricks/somersaults are reduced)
– 3m deep water (all high flying tricks/somersaults INCLUDED)

IMPORTANT: Depending on the type of show the flyboard artists ask for a minimum of 30m x 30m (can be a smaller area if less artists are involved) completely free of obstacles with no cables at the bottom.

Performance Area can be

– A marina
– Bay area
– Ship Docking area
– Lake, river or dam
– Pond
– Swimming Pool
– Fountain area

Technical Details

What is supplied by flyboarders:
– A flyboard
– Hose(s) or Tube(s) and connection tools to be able to connect the hose to the jet skis
– LED flyboard suits 
What the client must provide:
– 1 Jet ski per artist – flyboards hose can be plugged into any brand of Jet Ski (Seadoo, Yahama or Kawasaki)…… the client is requested to hire the jet skis with a minimum of 230 horsepower
– 1 rescue jetski
– 1 spare jet ski for back up incase something goes wrong with any artists jet skis
– A temperature controlled changing room
– 1 storage area for equipment
– Easy access to water
– A technical area to set up show equipment
Jet Ski sample
Jet Ski sample
For a night show with a water screen:
– Venue has to be totally dark
– A video projector (in rear) provided of minimum 20k
– 1x jet ski supplied this is to mount a water screen nozzle which creates the water screen for the projection images to be projected onto
The Flyboard
The Flyboard

Logistics information about Team & Material
– Excess baggage is required for each flyboard artist as each flyboard weighs 45kg
– A water screen nozzle (if a night LED show is required) weighs 40kg
– A team of 5 flyboarders usually comes with a coordinator and 1 technician
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