Extreme WATER acrobats for Expo 2020 Dubai Events

Would you like to see extreme water acrobats for Expo 2020 Dubai Events?

What kind of event entertainment will catch your eye when it comes to acrobatic skills?

Dubai is one city that always outdoes the rest of the world by when it comes to providing top-class entertainment and this is no exception. These extreme water acrobats for Expo 2020 Dubai events are an act you don’t want to miss out on. They have the ability to conduct a show-stopping performance for any event type.

Acrobatic act for Expo 2020 Dubai
Acrobatic act for Expo 2020 Dubai

Event Type

These extreme acrobats offer a mix of five unique aerial acts and five ground-based shows, both eye-catching and incredible to watch. The acrobatic skills shown by these performers are second to none. It’s easy to see why they are known to be such world-class entertainers. These expert acrobats offer water-themed show options that can either be themed to suit your event or freestyled by the performers. These options are all available upon request of the show.

Extreme water acrobatic performers
Extreme water acrobatic performers

As these entertainers require the utmost energy to perform, their shows last between five to eight minutes. During this time, you will see a mixture of tricks being performed from aerial box performers to acrobatics doing various moves on the ground.

Aerial box performers
Aerial box performers

Event Location

These extreme acrobatic artists can perform at award ceremony events, product launches for big corporate companies and grand opening launch events at Expo 2020 Dubai. They will require a large space in order to show-off their extreme tricks and their water-themed options too.

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