Family interactive entertainment for 2022 EVENTS

Family interactive entertainment for 2022 EVENTS

What kind of Family interactive entertainment for 2022 EVENTS are on offer?

How can entertainment be made interactive in today’s world?

There are plenty of family interactive entertainment ideas for 2022 Events. It is great to do things as a family and Streets United pride themselves in providing such entertainment where everyone is interacting.

Digital Entertainment for Interactive Events

In 2022 the digital world will be greater than years gone by. The rate at which technology is increasing is incredible and second to none. You can have a digital caricaturist who draws swiftly across his/her tablet and produces the most accurate comical portraits of your guests. Other digital interactive entertainment involves designing a product that is put onto a t-shirt or cap or mug. This gets everyone’s artistic side up and going.

Football Themed Family entertainment

The football pool table entertainment consists of the setup of the football pool table at your event and can also have an additional elements to it. This can be animated referee or a monitor that helps control the games of a table as well as run a competition where knockout games can be played between individual players or couples of players.

Pool Football Entertainment

Racing Interactive Entertainment

This is a great interactive bit of entertainment as it involves sitting on the outline of a motorbike and racing anyone who wants to play. How it works is that you sit in front of a mini racetrack and have miniature cars or motorbikes on the track and control them from where you are sitting. This is an awesome entertainment pleaser for any type of event.

Racing Entertainment

Sports Fan Park Entertainment

This is especially popular with the kids and football fanatics. An inflatable football ‘net’ is in a field and participants have the challenge of kicking the football in the goal. This can get very competitive so be sure to give it a try!

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