BIKE stunt performers

Why not request a motorised Stunt PERFORMERS SHOW for your event?

Are you looking for stunt shows to be the main entertainment of your upcoming event?

If you are a stunt enthusiastic and looking for entertainment acts to wow your guests at your upcoming event, then this is the best entertainment option for you! Streets United can provide you with a motorised stunt PERFORMERS SHOW to delight your guests, both young and old!

Type of performance

These entertainers will perform the most amazing stunts you will ever see done on motorbikes! Their fascinating acrobatics range from handstands along the length of the motorbike or just on the handles to getting up while in the air, having only their feet touching the motorbike!

According to your preference on the dimension of the show and the space available, there can be between four to six stuntmen performing who will undoubtedly amaze your crowd with their numerous backflips. Your guests will forever remember your event as the one which introduced them to such a spectacular show!

Location of the show

The motorised stunt PERFORMERS SHOW is very flexible when it comes to the location of the event as it can be performed either indoors or outdoors, and the ramp set up and bike transport can be arranged to any country worldwide. However, when choosing the venue please make sure that the space complies with the minimum measurements of 40m (L) x 10m (H) x 10m (W) required for the entertainers to be able to perform the show to its full potential and in a safe environment.

Should you have any further questions regarding this awesome event entertainment please get in touch using details below.

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