Female Urban Street Entertainers

A while ago, it may have seemed unusual to see female urban street entertainers performing at sports that men are generally believed to be better at. But most of these sports require less force and more concentration, grace, talent and dedication, which are universally distributed among men and women.

In recent years, females have conquered the urban street entertainment scene and Streets United works with many of the best that are out there; they perform in shows all over the world and there is no challenge they will not accept. From football freestyle to street dance, parkour, yo-yo freestyle entertainment, BMX entertainment, inline skating entertainment, double dutch skipping entertainment, these artists are a great inspiration for younger female generations, encouraging a healthy and fitness driven lifestyle.

Apart from being delightful to watch, their chosen lifestyle is something to think about: they are highly dedicated to their passion and working hard to achieve even the smallest step is part of their daily diet.

Remember, most of these sports have a somewhat dangerous tang to them, being focused 100% is of utmost importance.

Female urban street entertainers are perfect for staged or outdoor events, they will keep the audience’s eyes wide open and enthusiasm high. 

You thought women don’t know much about football? We beg to differ: not only do they know, they’re very good at playing it too! And if we talk about football freestyle, that’s something they are very talented at:

The film industry has much to benefit from using female urban street artists, as they make great stunt performers, disciplined as well as graceful, perfect for music videos, viral videos or TV commercials.

Check out the photo gallery below for more inspiration on female urban street entertainment:


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