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What is a Flash Mob?
Where can Flash Mobs be performed?
How to create attention by creating a Flash Mob?

The details below should help to answer your flash mob questions.

A flash mob is an organized or choreographed gathering of people performing a movement or an activity either moving in the same direction, doing the same choreographed moves or all dressed the same way.

Flash mobs over the years have been spreading like a wild fire. Flash mobs first initially started in the USA in 2003 and since then there have been so many variations.

Flash mobs in shapes

The Reason For Flash Mobs
Mainly to attract attention, whether it be in front of a live audience, but primarily to create an online buzz and following. A majority of flash mobs aim to get a large online viewing via various social media and online video streams. Usually large brands and companies coordinate a flash mob to go viral promoting their product, brand or service.

Football Freestyle Flash Mob

One of the Most Popular Ever Flash Mobs

Where are Flash Mobs Performed?
Flash mobs are usually performed in a large open space, normally in a street environment, a square or a plaza but there have been various flash mobs performed in water, on trains, in airports, and not only by humans but also by animals and people on bikes.

Dressed up Flash mobs

What flash mob can and have not yet been done?
The usual and most typical type of flash mob is done by using dancers.

Streets United artists have previously created a football freestyle flash mob and can create the following flash mobs using specialised choreographers and coordinators:

Acrobatic Flashmobs
Beatboxing Flashmobs
Basketball Freestyle Flashmobs
Breakdancers Flashmobs
BMX flatland Flashmobs

Capoeira Flashmobs
Double Dutch Skipping Flashmobs
Extreme Unicycling Flashmobs
Fire juggling Flashmobs
Footbag Flashmobs
Football Freestyling Flashmobs
Graffiti Flashmobs
Martial Arts Flashmobs
DJ Flash Flashmobs
Parkour or Free running Flashmobs
Pogo Stick Flashmobs
Power rising or power bocking Flashmobs
Sign Spinner Flashmobs
Singing Flashmobs
Skateboarding Flashmobs
Street Daners Flashmobs
Inline Skater Flashmobs
Roller Skating Flashmobs
Slacklinning Flashmobs
Mountain Bike Trial bike Flashmobs
YoYo Freestyle Flashmobs

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