Parkour / Free running – Businessmen OR Women Entertainment

Looking for surprise entertainment for your guests at an event?
Searching for some surprise PR stunt activities?
Need some surprise entertainment ideas?
Parkour OR Freerunning businessmen/women can be your solution


Parkour OR Free running business men/women have gained much attention to say the least over the past year. Entertaining the UK and Europe’s top businesses, businessmen and women at a number of events. Parkour or otherwise known as free running involves a combination of acrobatic, martial arts and agile running movements over objects, on top of structures, onto platforms as well as running up walls scaling stairways/escalators and mounting pillars.

Surprise Entertainment Action

Parkour businessmen/women dressed as if they fit into a crowd and look like normal office working or business people. The only thing is that they are renowned for stunning the other ordinary dressed people is that they randomly do a series of acrobatic and parkour moves when least expected and then continue talking or walking along as if nothing really happened.

Parkour business man

Where can the surprise Parkour businessmen/women perform?

Groups of minimum 3 artists can perform at:

– Business Launches
– Building Openings
– Walk about at Conferences

– Pre-Dinner Drinks
– Store Openings
– Pre-Seminar Entertainment
– Festival walkabouts
– Product Launches
– Shopping Centre Walk abouts – Fashion show walk abouts
– Sporting events
– Cocktail party walk about entertainment
– Hotel Openings
– Exhibition Walk abouts
 PR stunts & marketing campaigns

Parkour business men

Other ideas and & surprise entertainment variations

The parkour businessmen/women can be dressed to suit the occasion or dressed to the clients preference. The main idea is that the performers blend into the crowd like normal people.

Technical Requirements

– A minimum spacing of 3m x 3m is required for a group of 3 parkour business women / men to perform in if performing a static balance.
– Artists are mainly always mobile and on the move doing stints any and everywhere
– Floor surfaces have to be non-slippery
– Risk assessments can be supplied ahead of any event
– No music is required

Dress Code Options & Variations
– Waiters/waitresses

– Hotel Concierge staff – Retail Shop staff
– Barmen/women
– Policemen/women
– Sporting officials/referee’s
– Chef’s
– Event Bouncers/security guards – Cleaners
– Officials, stewards/stewardess

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