Flying Drone Experience for Corporate Company Events

How would you handle a Flying Drone Experience for corporate company events?

Ever wanted that unique entertainment that keeps the crowd coming back for more?

When it comes to entertainment for corporate events, Streets United is the go-to event entertainment agencyStreets United provide entertainment such as flying drone experience for corporate company events.  You will be able to immerse yourself in the world of drones.

Amazing Drone flying entertainment for Corporate Events

This drone flying experience doesn’t require you to have to know how to fly a drone. The beauty of it is that people of any age at the corporate event can fly the drones and enjoy the whole experience.

Event Types

The Flying drone experience for corporate company events can be great for interaction between guests. The design of the drone flying experience course can be adapted and created according to the corporate or brand event

Flying Drone experience for events

You can choose to have your logo displayed on a structure such as an obstacle set out at an event. The drone can fly through or around these obstacles. You will be able to corner the drone area off in a netted area to keep it just in one section. You can have the flying drone experience at your corporate event flying through hoops as well as set-up in race modes where you can race against others. This will really bring some competitiveness to your corporate event.

Flying Drone Experience Entertainment for Events

Locations of Events

If you are holding a corporate event you have to have this drone flying experience as entertainment. It can be set-up in conference rooms, under marquees or tents in an arena or any place where there is enough space to race or go around an obstacle route.

Should you have any further questions or requests regarding drone experiences for events, please contact Streets United using the details below.

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