Amazing Drone Acrobatic Entertainment Show

Interactive Drone Acrobatic Show

Are you looking for an amazing drone acrobatic entertainment show for your event?
Do you need a technology themed entertainment for a special occasion?

This amazing drone acrobatic entertainment show is ranked as one of the best drone interactive shows that an acrobatic performer entertains any type of audience for. This highly experienced acrobat is renowned for her flexibility and creativity when it comes to acrobatic entertainment shows. This specific drone show concept is one of its kind and is one of the first types of shows where an acrobatic entertainer interacts with a professional drone flying artist.

Visual Amazement

If you have never seen a drone flying show before, this is again one of the most visual and eye-catching acrobatic drone flying shows that you will ever see. The fact that the acrobat has an LED light suit on her and the drone is also draped with LED lighting simply makes this amazing drone acrobatic entertainment show so effective as the LED lighting changes in synchronisation both with the LED bodysuit and the LED light up drone.

All is visually AMAZING when the drone flies in between the acrobats aerial suspended hoop and she also interact with the flying drone by catching it and incorporating some of her acrobatic moves with the actual drone.

Types of Events

When it comes to the different types of events that this drone acrobatic entertainment show films that the list is endless. This acrobatic drone show can be performed at corporate events, product launches event, award ceremonies events, private colour themed events and technology conference events or high technology exhibition events.

The show varies from between 2 to 7 minutes in length or depending on what exactly is needed to be performed and displayed in the show or event. Colours, or logos …etc.

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