Top 5 Technology Entertainment for Events in 2020

Have you heard of our amazing and talented top five technology entertainment for events in 2020?
Is it extraordinary and incredible entertainment you are looking for? We have the top 5 technology entertainment for events in 2020.

Our Diverse Entertainers

Our interactive iPad magician has the ability to wow any stage and event he is present at, doing many performances around the world including Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This modern magician gives an eye-catching and entertaining performance often involving the numerous crowds especially children, amazing them with his set of skills and tricks leaving them absolutely mind blown.

Often lighting up the lives of the audience our logo laser light entertainer here at Streets United Event Entertainment uses simple lasers yet gives such a complex performance that the crowds love tremendously and look forward to watching especially in Malaysia and Qatar.

Our Different Artists

Our super skillful plasma TV caricaturist has brought huge crowds in London UK to their feet with his amazing artistic skills. These beautiful portraits made by our super skillful plasma TV caricaturist have wowed not only audience members but many celebrities online as well and is the perfect entertainment for corporate and private events.

Furthermore, there is our Projection Mapping Speed Painting show, where the artist dazzles us with an exquisite performance in such a limited amount of time. His performances are absolute showstoppers and bring much enjoyment and smiles to the crowd’s faces.

In our mix ,we have a Sensational Neon Painter whose amazing use of assorted neon lights gives the audience much pleasure and enjoyment with every performance. Taking the stage in countries such as Portugal in Europe this sensational neon painter immersing himself in his talent always giving 100 percent resulting in a master piece.

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