FEMALE SINGER with LED Light Dress

Stage Performer Singer - LED Dress

Have you ever seen a FEMALE SINGER with an LED light dress performing?

How does an LED light dress work for entertainment at events?

Clothing technology has evolved over these recent years to produce something so unique wear projection of images and messages or logos can be displayed on a piece of clothing through an LED screen.



The first time this FEMALE SINGER with an LED light dress performed in front of a live audience it was as if the audience was seeing an alien with images all over her. Piece of technology that allows images and messages or pictures to be displayed on to this specialist LED light dress has revolutionized the way messages, branding, logos can be displayed in a live performance.


Advertising Or Image Projections

Absolutely any type of image, logo, brand, lettering can be displayed on the FEMALE SINGER with LED lights dress capabilities. The images, branding for the FEMALE SINGER with an LED light dress can be programmed or display live while she is performing. The images, logos or lettering can also be timed with the music and whilst she’s performing a song certain images or branding can be displayed in time with the music.

Having a FEMALE SINGER with LED lights dress perform at any type of event is something really special and the type of dress or color of the dress can also be adapted according to the theme of the event.


Types Of Events – Dinner Galas – Wedding Ceremonies

She has performed at a variety of different events around the world for different types of occasions.

The types of events can and have varied from dinner Galas Tuco events to product launches and private wedding ceremonies. These different events have taken place all across the world in different countries that include Germany, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Malaysia and India.


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