Fire and LED Event Performers

LED Fire Entertainment Show

Do you need some fire and LED event performers for a special occasion?

What exactly do LED light entertainers do?

An LED light entertainer is someone who uses illuminated equipment or apparatus to perform an entertainment show for a watching audience. A fire entertainer is very similar an LED light entertainer the only difference is that they use fire objects to spin, juggle or throw up in the air.


When it comes to entertainment at any type of event a fire and LED light entertainers are recognised as one of the most illuminated types of entertainment you can have at any type of event. Fire and LED event performers can perform as individuals or as groups. The most vibrant and exciting types of entertainment are performed in groups by fire or LED event performers.

The mix of Fire & LED

This particular show is a mix of Fire and LED light entertainers that have choreographed routines and perform as a mixed entertainment group. The fire and LED light event performers create an incredible spectacle for any type of event whether it be a welcoming entertainment performance, an after dinner entertainment performance or a main stage show performance.

Having just a fire performance or just an LED light entertainment performance can be a bit boring that’s why we suggest a mix of the fire and LED event performers to entertain at events together.


Indoor & Outdoor Events

Fire and LED event performers have entertained and can entertain us both at indoor or outdoor events. We only request that there is a permission to perform at any indoor event prior to the performers being contracted. For any outdoor event we advised that if it is a windy day or night then the fire performers tricks might be limited.


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