Water Entertainment Show

Water Entertainment Shows

What is a water entertainment show?

What types of entertainment can be performed on water?

A water entertainment show can vary from a variety of different types of entertainers that either perform above the water, in the water or using the elements of the water to perform the different types of acts and performances. This particular type of water entertainment show is called a flyboard or hoverboard entertainment show. The flyboard artist is propelled up into the sky using a specialised piece of equipment that enables them to perform tricks whilst flying using the water that is propelled through the hose pipe.

This particular water entertainment show can be performed either in the daytime or at night.

Locations For Performances

Locations for water entertainment shows are certainly not limited at all. A flyboard entertainment show can be performed in absolutely any type of all the body from a small built-in or dugout pool, to a large marina area, to an aquarium pool, or even an inflatable blow up pool that has a depth of at least 1m.

Space is certainly not an object and as long as there is a metre to a metre and a half depth of water this water entertainment show can be performed absolutely anywhere.

The water entertainment show has been performed at a variety of events including weddings, boat launches, pool parties and large boat exhibitions.

Technical Requirements

The main requirements for this water entertainment show are that there are no dangerous objects in the water, a jetski is provided if it is logistically difficult to transport a jetski to the venue or event in any country of the world. A dry and closed off area for the performers to change in.


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