LED light Stunt Show

LED Light Stunt Show

What does LED light stunt show consist of?

How do stunt performers use LED lights?

LED light entertainment has now become mainstream. Gone are the days where entertainment is just performed under normal lighting or with a coloured light. Many entertainers and performers are now using LED light suits to enhance their stage and live performances.

The LED light suites that these LED light stunt show entertainers use can be synced and coordinated to the music that they are performing to. These LED light suits are very flexible and agile which enables the LED light stunt show performers to do high energy and intricate moves whilst they are performing.

These stunt performers are jumping around on what is known as power stilts or powerisers a kangaroo like piece of equipment that enables the stunt performers to bounce high in the air.


Surprise Element

This LED light stunt show has an element of surprise and has and can be used as a main spectacle to a live stunt show performance on stage. Alternatively it can be used as an audience awakening performance where by the live LED lights Stunt Show is performed straight after some speeches or a quiet moment at the event in order to invigorate the expecting audience.

The surprise element of the stunt power-riser show can also happen in a studio or in a theatre where The power-risers come running in between the audience in order to begin there stunt stage show.


Adapting Colours for Brands

The colours on the LED light suits that these stunt performers use can be adapted according to the colour of the brand or event theme that the LED lights stunt show is being performed at. If for example the colour theme is green at the event all the LED light suits can be coordinated to show and display a green colour only.

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