Brand Speed Painting Entertainer

Glitter brand painter

What is a brand speed painting entertainer?

How can I get my brand or product to be presented in a live entertainment performance?

If you have ever wondered or thought of how you can get your brand, logo, product to be presented in a live stage performance then this particular brand speed painting entertainment is a show for you. Whether it be a slogan, a rebrand or a new product launch that needs to be presented to a watching audience or to a live video audience then this brand speed painting entertainer can certainly bring out an extraordinary production at any event.


Surprise Element

The surprise element that is presented in the brand speed painting entertainer’s performances is the fact that the logo or brand that has being created is created with a gluey substance and only when light is shone upon the gluey substance then it can be seen. Other than that it looks as if the brand speed painting entertainer is simply putting water onto a blank canvas which leaves the watching audience at suspense whilst they wonder and think of what exactly it is he is creating.

Whilst the brand speed painting entertainer is placing the glue substance onto the canvas he is animating the audience which leaves them even more intrigued but entertained the same time. When it comes to revealing the finished creation the brand speed painting entertainer hypes up the audience and gets a container full of glitter and starts to sprinkle or throw creatively the glitter onto the glue substance which then in turn reveals the final piece of artwork.

Color or Event Theme

If it is a brand or a logo or a product that has a certain colour the glitter that is thrown on the final piece of artwork can be the same colour relating to that particular brand or company name.

Whether it be a corporate event, product launch, store opening or a private exhibition display the speed painting entertainer can adept the colour of his clothing, glitter and canvas all according to the theme of the event or the brand or logo colour.

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