Live Stunt Trampoline Show

Are you looking for a live stunt trampoline show?

Would a WOW factor entertainment show be appealing to your audience?

This live stunt trampoline show is totally mobile and can be performed absolutely anywhere in the world. The trampoline is transported in a mobile trailer that simply opens up at an event, promotion or PR stunt.


The entertainers that perform this live stunt trampoline show have come from professional backgrounds that include stunt work, gymnastics and acrobatics.

Why so eye catching?

This live stunt trampoline show certainly catches the eye of many people that see it live or from a distance. The reasons are because the type of show has not been created or performed anywhere else in the world. For instance this team can pitch up at an outdoor venue, open up the trampoline and begin to perform.

One of the other main spectacles is that it has a height advantage in that audiences or crowds that might be 50m – 70m away can also see this show being performed from a distance.

Trampoline Wall Branding and Display

The performance wall that the live stunt trampoline show is performed on has a large surface that can be branded or have a creative picture placed on to it that can be seen and displayed whilst the show is being performed.

The trampoline wall can even have an LED screen placed on to it that can display messages, branding or images whilst the performers are doing their show.

Previous Events & Clients

The types of events that this live stunt trampoline show has been performed for previously are store openings, shopping centre spectacles, festivals, dinner corporate events and guerrilla stunt marketing campaigns.

Should you require a creative storyboard behind the live stunt trampoline show this can be done by the creative entertainers when it comes to creating a way that a brand message can be displayed or presented during the live performance.

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