Graffiti Workshops at outdoor festivals and events


Graffiti Walls at Events

Graffiti is a world wide art language and can be seen in many forms, shapes and sizes in ANY country of the world. Graffiti is seen to some people as an illegal and disruptive mess. Where as other see graffiti as creative, picturesque and art work that requires a lot of talent.

Streets United offers the opportunity to people of all ages with our network of graffiti artists where workshops are taken by highly rated graffiti artists. Different types of graffiti workshops include designing of t-shirts, trainers, caps, creating artwork on large canvases, walls and objects. 
Workshops consist of the basic lessons from what types of paints work best for the types of artwork and the environment, history of graffiti artwork and how to put the finishing touches on created artwork.

For more info on graffiti workshops or other entertainment contact:
(+44 )208 133 0249

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