Hotel OPENING entertainment concepts for 2021

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What type of hotel opening entertainment concepts for 2021 do you think will attract new customers?

Are you wondering about your entertainment for your hotel opening?

Opening a hotel is not an easy task. There are many things involved some include organising all the staff, rooms, equipment and everything else associated with hotel openings. There’s no doubt hotel opening entertainment concepts for 2021 will be bigger and better than previous years considering 2020 was non-existent for hospitality.

With a variety of very talented entertainers to choose from, you will have a hard decision to make when finding what sort of entertainment works best for a brand new hotel opening. Below are a few choices we have that may help you decide what the perfect entertainment will be.

Event Type

Although different and not a common entertainment piece, a skating stage show would be fantastic at a hotel opening event. This group of professional roller skaters have all been skating for years and has made world headlines. Their unique choreographed dance cross skate sequences will stop people in their tracks. This is exactly what’s needed at the entrance of a brand new hotel together with music playing in the background this show is surely set to encourage potential guests to check out the hotel.

This duo act will definitely turn a few heads at a hotel grand opening event especially at night. These luminous acrobatic artists will bring a totally unique element to any type of event entertainment. They bring a splash of vibrancy to any event and can fixate an audience with their display of utter strength and precision.

The above acts are just a couple of entertainment options that Streets United can provide. Should you have any further questions or requests regarding hotel opening entertainment concepts for 2021, please contact us using the details below.

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